Want to Make Your Own Designs? Try These 5 Free Tools!

5 Jan 2015
Want to Make Your Own Designs? Try These 5 Free Tools!

If your business is already a part of the online world, you must know the importance of visuals. Of course, we may not always have the enough time or resources to create well-suited images. Especially, if you are running your own business and do not want to be charged for, say, social media designs we totally understand you.

And if you are a blogger wishing to make something different rather than using famous stock photos, we get you, too. Trust us, you don’t have to spend great deals of money or days of hard work to create beautiful images.

Thanks to these 5 free web tools, you’ll be your own designer in 5 to 10 minutes and keep the money in your pocket!


1) Canva – Pure simplicity!


Canva is both our and many people’s favorite. Soon we’ll briefly mention how and why you should use the web service in order to create visually compelling images for yourself, within almost no time.

Canva makes graphic design amazingly simple for everyone, by bringing together a drag-and-drop design tool with a library of more than 1 million stock photographs, graphic elements and fonts.

Simplicity is the most significant feature of Canva. You can start by choosing out of the ready-to-use design templates with proper social media dimensions and more. The service offers you cool layouts and lets you customize all necessary elements.

Membership: Free & Premium Elements
Available On: Web Browsers, iPad


2) Evernote Skitch – Stronger than words!


We should start by saying that we are huge fans of Evernote! And ‘Skitch’ as a complimentary application is one of the most commonly used services here in the Snug Social Team.

As opposed to Canva, Skitch is more of an editing application with great features. Skitch is a brilliant tool to collect images, curate content and add notes on them. You may think of it as a “behind-the-scene” application.

Especially if you are a blogger trying to make a point with your posts, you’ll love Skitch’s ability to highlight and mark images which help you to draw attention wherever you need. Simply use arrows, shapes and sketches to explain everything.

Membership: Free
Available On: Mac, Windows, Android, iOS


3) BeFunky – Fun at work!


BeFunky is one of the most fun photo editing applications on the Internet. It is a great photo editor and collage maker. Apart from basic editing features like crop, resize and other adjustments, BeFunky comes with great effects, too!

Thanks to the social media connections, you can choose images out of your Facebook, Picasa and Flickr accounts to start with. You’ll find it quite easy and fun to use. Plus, those cool filters, textures and effects will help you to stand out on social media!

There’s a reason why fun is BeFunky’s middle name; we believe that you should have as much fun editing your pictures as you do taking them. That’s why our photo editor puts everything you could possibly dream up at your fingertips without any of the hassle.

Membership: Free / Premium
Available On: Web Browsers, Android, iOS


4) PicMonkey – The best visual tips!


PicMonkey is another free online photo editor to boost your creativity and improve your images! Similar to BeFunky, the service allows you to upload photos from various social media accounts directly.

The best part of PicMonkey is their blog. You’ll find several seasonal and conceptual tips and tricks while designing your images on the web platform. Through the blog, you can reach inspiring articles and basic “how-to”s guiding you better on easy visual design.

Retouch your photos, create collages and design your own social media pics!

PicMonkey makes creative tools for photo editing and graphic design because we want you to rock the universe. We want your images to show your creativity, your style, your spot-on brilliance.

Membership: Free / Premium
Available On: Web Browsers, Facebook App, Chrome Extension


5) Piktochart – Infographics at its best!


Here’s to the Infographic-lovers! By now you must be aware of the fact that infographics rule the world. They represent the new way of distributing information. A quick search through blogs or Pinterest will display the overall scene for you. If you wish to create cool infographics without paying the designers, Piktochart would work for you.

Piktochart lets you create your own infographics both from a blank canvas and through ready-to-use templates. Of course, many of these templates are not available for free users, as one would expect.

All you have to do is to choose your theme, add your text or graphs and that would be all!

Through the service you can also create reports, banners and presentations.

Membership: Free / Premium
Available On: Web Browsers, iPad

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