BlackBerry Messenger Lets You Take Your Messages Back

5 Jan 2015
BlackBerry Messenger Lets You Take Your Messages Back
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BlackBerry’s long gone instant messaging application “BBM” has improved with new features. Now you can take back your messages and even choose an expiration time for them!

You know that “short-living-messaging” is the new trend. Especially with the rise of Snapchat, our messaging times have become shorter and shorter. BlackBerry Messenger aims to catch up with this speed and renews the app.

If you recall, BBM was once “the” messaging application used only through BlackBerry devices. The growth of too many messaging applications has directly influenced and decreased BBM’s popularity. Although, later the application was developed for iOS and Android devices too, BBM was left behind by many of its rivals like WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE and more.

We are not sure whether this update will bring BBM its old days, but it is obvious that it’s a big step. With these new features, BBM has become quite different than its peers.

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Similar to Snapchat, now your messages can expire after a time on BBM. Maybe the best feature added to BBM is something we have been long waiting for! Now you can retract the messages you’ve accidentally sent. Or the ones you regret.

BBM helps you to avoid unwanted situations and correct your mistakes!

You can check out the fun video prepared for BBM:

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