A New Type of Advertising by Disqus: Sponsored Comments

5 Jan 2015
A New Type of Advertising by Disqus: Sponsored Comments

Popular discussion and commenting service Disqus adopted a new type of advertising. The company has been working on various models since this April.

In March, Disqus launched a service called “Featured Comments”, which helps moderators to have better control over the comments and highlight the best or most related responses.

Disqus has recently announced that they are now activating Sponsored Comments, as a new form of advertising. With this new feature, the company claims that advertisers can reach 3 million different websites every day.

sponsored comments


The long tested service works with a smart algorithm. By using the keywords of your content, the service searches through websites using Disqus, and filters them if they fit your message. When it’s a match, your comment is displayed within a special section.

What’s better is that more media types like images and videos are supported in sponsored comments!

Disqus prepared a cute gif to demonstrate how Sponsored Comments work:

sponsored comments
We’ll see how Disqus’ new feature affects the nature of advertising and how it will generate revenue for the company.

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