WhatsApp Introduces the Blue Ticks: Read Receipt

2 Jan 2015
WhatsApp Introduces the Blue Ticks: Read Receipt


WhatsApp’s latest update has become the new thing!

You’ve probably started to hear about the big news. Social media is now filled with the reactions to WhatsApp’s update of “blue ticks”. What do they mean?

Blue ticks appearing next to your messages mean that the receiver has read them. Before the update, users were seeing one tick meaning that your message was sent to WhatsApp’s servers. Two ticks have indicated that the message was transferred to the receiver’s device.

Now, with this another version of “tick”, you will know whether your message has been read or not.

read receipt


When you swipe the message to the right, you’ll see even more details. The app now lets you know when your message was delivered and read. With the exact minute and second!

Actually this update is no surprise, because of the recent purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook.

Many have already started to complain about the update and read receipt. We’ll see how the reactions by the users go on!

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