Know Your Fans Better With Facebook Insights

2 Jan 2015
Know Your Fans Better With Facebook Insights
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Here on Snug Social, we often emphasize how you should check your Facebook Insights and measure your social success. While building and controlling social media strategy, Insights should be your best friend, because that’s who will tell you what you are doing right or wrong.

Other than your detailed performance, what you can check through Facebook Insights are the features of your fans. If you want to get to know them better, here is what you should be doing.

Go to Facebook Insights as you always do, and visit the “People” tab.

facebook insights

Here you’ll be able to see the gender and age of both your fans, people you reached in the last month and people who engaged with your page or posts, again in the last month. The third group may mean both people liking, commenting, or sharing your posts and people interacting directly with your page, such as sharing it or posting on the page.

facebook insights

While the age and gender demographics are for a wider range of people, location and language data are only for your fans, for now.

If you want to revisit your strategy or make changes on it next time, please check your “People” stats to see how you can make things better and more suitable for them.

For example, if your fans are %80 female around the ages of 45-54, maybe you wouldn’t like to post much updates about football!

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