Facebook Messenger Reached More Than 500 Million Users!

2 Jan 2015
Facebook Messenger Reached More Than 500 Million Users!


Facebook has recently announced that its Messenger app has reached more than 500 million monthly active users. Quite a number!

The app was initially launched in 2011 as a part of Facebook. Later, the aim has become bigger than that. Messenger was designed to be a separate, full-fledged messaging service.

A while ago, Facebook have started to force its members to download its own mobile messaging app in order to communicate with Facebook friends. If you recall, people have started to complain about that, but obviously we had no other choice!

Today, Facebook Messenger is an app reaching more than half a billion people monthly and obviously aims to continue its growth at this pace.

Facebook Messenger is all about that:

It is just as fast as SMS but gives you the ability to express yourself in ways that SMS can’t. You can send stickers or videos, take selfies, chat with groups and make free calls. We’ve also continued to improve speed and reliability. Updates to Messenger ship every two weeks so it continues to evolve and improve.

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