Does Facebook Let You Down? Check Out 5 Alternatives to Promote Your Business!

30 Dec 2014
Does Facebook Let You Down? Check Out 5 Alternatives to Promote Your Business!


It’s been more than 10 years since Facebook first entered into our lives and changed the way we live and advertise. Now it’s obvious that most of the brands choose the platform to host and market their campaigns. Here on Snug Social, we try to ease your lives so that you can have a better chance at online marketing. And Facebook -for sure- is one of the main pillars of our online presence and activities.

From time to time, you may hear some news about how organic reach on the platform is in decline and how Facebook decides on reducing the number of promotional posts on News Feed. If you get upset about these changes to come, or don’t feel like Facebook is the right platform for you, don’t worry, there are always other ways!

If Facebook lets you down, we have 5 more alternatives for you. Let’s see where else you can promote your business and host your campaigns in the digital world!


1) Business Blog

We know, we keep stressing on that, but it’s that much important!

Keeping a business blog up-to-date has many great benefits which we’ve talked about before. And, here is another one. Your blog can be the safehouse to promote your new events, campaigns or products. Trust us, everyone does it!

promote your business

Announcing your new product launches directly from your blog will make you a more trustable source, and it will be the right platform, because that’s probably why people visit them! They would want to hear the news right from you. If any updates occur in your company, like current promotions or discounts, carry them into your business blog! You know by now that it has an SEO bonus, as well.


2) Host Website Contests

Both your blog and your website in general are great places to host giveaways and contests. Remember, you can always advertise your web contests on social media. But, when you use your webpage you won’t be blocked by Facebook’s reach problem and you’ll be driving more traffic into your home page!

Many bloggers are already doing it. Why not try the same trick on your business website?


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All you have to do is trying to be consistent. Just choose the appropriate gifts for your visitors or give them something in return for an action. You may want them to share or like your social media pages. Or just to submit their e-mail addresses. You’ll get the fans or e-mails you need for your future marketing campaigns!


3) Try E-mail Marketing

This may seem somewhat “old-fashioned” to you, but e-mail still remains as a crucial part of business promotion. That’s why we receive so many of them everyday!

Of course, the first step to create e-mail marketing campaigns is to get people’s addresses! We recommend you to add e-mail subscription boxes here and there on your website and business blog. Your readers should know that they will be treated differently as your subscribers.


After gathering the readers’ e-mail addresses, they will be the right target audience for you. Since they have subscribed to your website, obviously they are interested in your business! Still, you shouldn’t be overwhelming them with endless e-mails, just because you have their consent.

You’ll find various services on the Internet to automate your e-mail marketing campaigns. Try to be nice and simple, and just provide them with the right message. They would love to hear about your current campaigns and promotions, when put correctly.


4) Place Ads on Your Website

Facebook may be a great place to advertise your business. But sometimes, your website can even be better!

Remember that you have full authority and freedom here. You can always use your free spaces to place your very own ads, without bothering the visitors. And it goes without saying that they are totally free!

my-ad-goes-here copy
If you don’t work with a web designer, that’s just fine. You’ll find plenty of free sources on the Internet, like Canva, which allows you to make your own banners in almost no time.

Just display your current campaigns with a banner on your website or business blog, and you’ll be advertising yourself by yourself!


5) Discover New Social Platforms

Facebook may be a social media giant, but it’s not the only one. In the ocean, you’ll find many social platforms where your potential customers exist. For example, if you are a business targeting women, give more weight to Pinterest. If you are working with the youth, try Instagram!

Social Media Logotype Background

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As a starter, you should find where your potential customers are. It’s easy to do with a simple keyword search. You can type the keywords related to your business and search through your candidate social media platforms. If people are there, you should be, as well!

It’s important to walk with different strategies tailored for each platform. Avoid posting the same content everywhere! If your strategy and content are differentiated for several networks, your fans will be more likely to follow you on each and every one of them.

Don’t hesitate to discover new networks. Remember, we are always here to help you!

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