Don’t Know What to Write Next? Use Your Old Blog Posts in 5 New Ways!

29 Dec 2014
Don’t Know What to Write Next? Use Your Old Blog Posts in 5 New Ways!


Blogging is one long journey. When you put your time and effort into something, it’s natural to expect good consequences. From time to time, we all feel bothered about our next blog post. That doesn’t mean we are lazy!

It’s also quite normal to get upset when a blog post you’ve put much effort does not get enough attention as you’ve expected. We all do… Maybe some of your other posts or a current global event outshadowed it. Why not shine it again?

If you feel like you’re stuck about what to write next, or just want to reuse your older pieces to attract more attention, we have some tips for you.

You see singers selling their “Best Of” albums, and how they make you feel nostalgic. Why not do the same thing for bloggers!

With these 5 simple and fresh ideas, you’ll be able to recycle your content and promote your older blog posts easily. You can do it, like all the singers do!


1) Visualize your own quotes and generate social media cards.

We are sure that all of you have written some cool and impressive sentences. You can easily highlight them, by adding a visual dimension. This way, you’ll both attract the readers’ attention and create a feeling of wonder about the rest of your blog post.

old blog posts

What’s better is that you don’t have to be a designer or work with one in order to visualize your posts. You’ll find various free websites letting you create quotes and images. Just post them on your Facebook and Twitter accounts; and if you need a more “visual” platform, try Instagram and Pinterest instead!

Don’t forget to insert the link of your quote’s source, meaning, the original blog post!

2) Form series of “Best Of” out of your posts.

Everyone loves “Best Of”s! If you have been blogging around the same topic for some time, you’ll find it even easier to implement. This technique will help you to save time and re-promote your favorite pieces.

old blog posts

Image Source: loyalty360

Since “listing” is the new trend of blogging, the visitors will find it easier to read a quick recap of your blog posts. With an attractive headline explaining the fact that you’ve picked these readings specifically for your readers, you’ll also create a feeling of “thankfulness”.

In short, “best of”s will both gather attention of your new visitors and appreciate the time and effort of your current readers!

3) Turn your posts into infographics.

Infographics are the new way of providing information. Quick and fun. Since we are getting more and more used to visual content, infographics often replace the plain text and become the king. Don’t worry, they are not that hard to create. All you need is your old blog posts and a simple web design service, like Canva.

old blog posts

Image Source: Bruce Clay

Giving information in a visual format will make your content more shareable and even viral. You should be preparing those pieces as simple as you can in a compact form. Don’t forget to make them embeddable, shareable; and post them on Pinterest!

4) Upload your previous posts into bookmarking sites.

Before, we’ve talked about how you can promote your blog posts and on which platforms you should definitely be sharing them. Bookmarking sites play a crucial role here, once more. You may have been delaying and still ignoring them. But if you are blogger, aiming at success, don’t avoid bookmarking your posts!

old blog posts


For example, just take a day for Stumbleupon. Start adding all your previous content onto the platform. It will be a fresh start for your old pieces and for you!

5) Guest post on someone’s blog, with some revisions.

Maybe you’ve heard that guest blogging is a great way to communicate with your fellow bloggers and promote your own blog at the same time. Of course, you should never copy and paste your old content and serve it as a new one, as a guest blogger! But, it might be okay to make some revisions and update them in a fresh way. Still, we advice you to take permission from the host blogger first.

old blog posts

Image Source: Doz

Just make a quick research of the blogs accepting guest posts centered around your topic. Contact them with a friendly attitude and you’ll have a new blog post without much effort! Don’t forget to add the original source of your blog post, so that you can drive traffic into your website!

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