Lufthansa on Facebook: The Cutest Way of Moderation

29 Dec 2014
Lufthansa on Facebook: The Cutest Way of Moderation


Lufthansa is a Germany-originated airline company and it is the largest one in Europe. The company operates services to 18 domestic destinations and 197 international destinations in 78 countries. Quite a global brand!

How can such a big airline company use Facebook Pages? Let’s take a look!


Lufthansa is another brand choosing to work through one main verified page. With around 1.8 million fans on the page, stats say that Germany protects its brand! The fan distribution also reveals the fact that Lufthansa is already a global company with followers from various locations.


Covering the campaigns!


Looking at both the current and the older cover photos tell us that Lufthansa prefers to carry its campaigns into the front. The brand’s photo contest #premiumtime is promoted through the cover photo. It seems reasonable and applicable.

Previously, Lufthansa also backed their #inspiredby campaign with beautiful images on their cover photos. That can be a nice way to announce your current campaigns, too!


Connecting the brand with users!

What we liked about Lufthansa’s content strategy is the way they use user-generated content. What do we mean by that?

Lufthansa makes use of the photos submitted by the users for the campaign #premiumtime and shares some of them as updates. That’s a great way to show your support and appreciation to the fans.

Another type of updates include views from travel destinations and travel guides introducing several locations that Lufthansa flies to. That’s a clever way to promote your product without telling it!



The company also does not forget to introduce themselves to the fans. By posting old photos displaying the long culture of Lufthansa and showing their planes, they tell the brand’s story.



The page rarely uses post targeting. Since Lufthansa is an airline company flying to several destinations in the world, they should put more emphasis on targeting their posts based on location.


It’s okay to say “I don’t know!”

Since Lufthansa’s Facebook Page is a multinational and multilingual one, moderation can be really hard from time to time. While Lufthansa takes good care of the complaints in English and German, others may cause some trouble.

But the way they handle the situation is so cute and deserve appreciation!



With the names added next to the comment, the brand looks just like a real person who has the ability to say “I don’t know.” when it’s necessary. We loved it!

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