You Can Follow Channels on Vine With This Update

29 Dec 2014
You Can Follow Channels on Vine With This Update

Within around 2 years after its release, Vine has become “the” short-video sharing application. Alongside making many faces famous, Vine has been a fun platform for many brands too.

Vine continues to add more features to make its product even better. With this new iOS update, the application improves itself for better user experience on iPhone 6 and Plus.

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With new Vine, you can follow not only users, but also channels!

You’ll see a “+” button on the channels. By clicking the button, you can add your favorite channels to your timeline. If you’re interested in a certain topic on Vine, their videos will appear on your feed immediately.

Also, for iOS 8 users, now it’s available to share videos straight from your other apps, like Photos. With this new sharing extension, it’s possible to upload videos from several apps easily and quickly.

The updates occur on iOS devices for now.

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