Volkswagen: People’s Car, People’s Page

25 Dec 2014
Volkswagen: People's Car, People's Page

The biggest German automobile producer, Volkswagen, was founded in 1937. Today, Volkswagen is one of the best global brands, also in terms of successful marketing. It’s time to see how “people’s car” connects with the people on social media!

While we were analyzing Volkswagen’s Facebook page, we realized something quite interesting.



We assume that those are the countries in which Volkswagen operate in large volumes and have a bigger fan base already. This may be the reason to create a special and unique platform for the fans in those countries. Some local pages like Volkswagen Turkey have even more fans than the global one!



Today we’ll take a brief look into Volkswagen’s global page with a number of 1.6 million fans. Not surprisingly, most of the fan base comes from the countries without a separate local page. Of course, with the exceptions of Germany and United States. Obviously, they are huge Volkswagen fans!


Page Design: In its simplest form!



We wouldn’t expect anything less from a brand that has a tagline “Das Auto”. Volkswagen stands in a position to be “the car”. Why not do the same thing on social media? Maybe they wanted to give us this message: “The Facebook Page”.

So clean, so simple. Two Volkswagen cars on the road, that’s all!

When you check older cover photos, you’ll see that the brand have previously started a concept of “Fan Pic of the Week” and displayed user-generated content on their page design. Unfortunately, the well-thought idea did not last long for some reason.

Many brands try and host photo contests by submission on Facebook or Instagram. What’s better is to use these photos in the showcase of your profile page, like Volkswagen tried and gave up early.


Balancing the Conversation


We’ve always mentioned content balance and how to keep it in a good ratio. Volkswagen seems to be shifting the balance more for promotion, and less on the engagement side.

But still, the promotion posts do not look like a marketing campaign solely. Volkswagen divides the updates into two groups: Products and Motorsports.

While promoting its products, the brand adds questions to ask for the fans. Beautiful images of its cars are complemented with the users’ lifestyle choices. The engagement – promotion balance is tried to be hold in a shape.

On the other hand, updates about Motorsports are in a similar line with Red Bull. The aim is to display Volkswagen’s culture and lifestyle, together with its sponsorship programs.

For a global page with more than 1.5 million followers, 1 update a day seems fair enough!


Happy customers, careful moderation!

For such a big brand and a global page, Volkswagen handles page moderation really well. What draws our attention most is how they redirect the customers into other pages or services. For example, when someone states a complaint about the brand, moderators ask for the user’s location and mention the related Facebook Page that could help them. The tone is soft, with something like “Our colleagues in that page will try to help you!”.



One nice method used by Volkswagen can be suitable for you page too. First, they notice the spammers and comment their discomfort directly to the user. You can also try that while managing your page, before hiding/deleting comments or blocking a user. We like it!

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