Skittles’ Colorful World on Twitter

25 Dec 2014
Skittles' Colorful World on Twitter

Skittles is a brand of fruit-flavored sweets and it is the most popular candy among the youth in the U.S. The brand identifies itself with rainbows, because of its colorful candies in the pack. Skittles has been using this “Taste The Rainbow” theme since 1990s and today, they carry that onto social media, as well.


Skittles’ Twitter Page has around 229.000 followers and continues with a pretty good growth rate. The brand prefers to send 2 or 3 updates a day which is great for a page with a fan base this size. Again, you don’t have the luxury to stop on social media!


What’s Your Style?



Skittles successfully displays their style on Twitter’s page design. With a colorful header and profile picture, the brand puts an emphasis on the notion of “rainbow”. The clouds on both images remain in a harmony and complement each other.

The colorful design of Skittles could have been even better if the brand have chosen to add a simple message on the header, instead of repeating the logo. That’s a trick you can try!

Skittles’ Twitter bio shows the fun nature beforehand. The words “awesomeness” and “rainbow” reveal the feelings you’ll have if you follow the page. They give you a heads up!

Adding the location as “The Rainbow” is so cute, isn’t it?


Getting Personal, Getting Awesome

Skittles acts in a much more different way than all the brands we’ve analyzed so far on social media. The account is dedicated to pure fun and comedy!

When you check the tweets sent by the brand, it’s as if you’re reading a brilliant personal comedy account. Some tweets are based on jokes about “how awesome Skittles is” and some are simply humor!


The social media voice used by Skittles is also a unique one. The tweets are written in first person, which we find impressive and sincere. Skittles is actually one of us!

Before, we’ve always talked about how important images are on social media. Skittles, on the other hand, rarely makes use of photos, because they don’t need them to support their jokes. That works pretty well and is acceptable. We’d like to remind you that you are the only one to filter our tips according to your own social media strategy!


Skittles chooses a fun way to appreciate their followers, too. From time to time, the brand tweets about their dedicated “retweeters” and thanks them in a creative way. Like it!

Skittles is another brand giving us the idea about how to promote your business without pushing it into people. You can get creative to introduce your culture, fun side and awesomeness, too!

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