IKEA on Facebook: Something Special For The Fans

8 Dec 2014
IKEA on Facebook: Something Special For The Fans


Who doesn’t love IKEA? We sure do.

The famous Swedish furniture brand was introduced in 1943, still with most of its stores in Europe. How does it reflect on their Facebook strategy? Let’s see.

Unlike Red Bull with one main Facebook page, IKEA chooses to localize their pages. Each country has their own IKEA page. Interestingly, only some of them are verified.

Excluding the USA, their most populated page is the Italian one. That’s the one we will be analyzing today.



IKEA Italia has now around 937,000 Facebook fans, which places the brand in top 50 Facebook business pages country-wide. The page has a pretty good growth rate, aiming to hit the 1 million milestone soon with firm steps!


Power of Cover Photos: Happy families, happy customers!



With its proudly verified page, IKEA Italia uses the global logo as its profile picture, like almost all the branches do. That’s expected, of course.

The text-image balance on their cover photo seems appropriate. But, we, as Snug Social believe that a better image could have been chosen. Come on IKEA!

The cover presents the lifestyle promised by the brand in an appropriate way. What can be better than a happy family enjoying their lovely IKEA-furnished house?


Balancing promotion with usefulness!



When it comes to the content, IKEA has a more promotional approach than Red Bull. But still, instead of overselling themselves, they choose to combine the products with useful tips. That’s a good balance.

Most of the updates are linked to IKEA catalogue, aimed at increasing the traffic and sales. While doing that they prefer to give some decoration tips first. Then, they show the way to execute that tip: with IKEA products!

With a frequency of 3-4 posts daily and fair enough engagement rates, IKEA Italy both encourage conversation and promotion successfully.

As a design-based brand, they place the focus on visuals, as expected.

One criticism by us: They may want to add more “human faces” on their content strategy. Maybe some employees, backstage photos?


Providing a unique experience to the fans!

What we appreciate most about IKEA Italy is that they love to help people! Unlike Red Bull, they make their best for building a social customer service. Quick responds to customer questions is what we love!

Even though, sometimes they direct the users to FAQ pages, they still deserve some respect with their response speed. Hey, they moderate the page even on Sunday!

That must be something for Italians, right?

IKEA sure knows how to listen to their customers and give them back in return. You’ve probably heard about the big IKEA sleepover in United Kingdom.

One store in Essex hosted a sleepover in response to a Facebook group called “I wanna have a sleepover in Ikea”.

100 participants were chosen to spend the night in an IKEA warehouse! That’s how you thank your fans and appreciate their loyalty.

IKEA knows how to maintain an online community and provide unique experiences that fans cannot find anywhere else.


Here’s the video for the big sleepover:


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