Dior: The Elegant Side of Facebook

5 Dec 2014
Dior: The Elegant Side of Facebook

Dior is a French, worldwide famous, luxury goods company. Today, Dior designs and retails ready-to-wear clothing, fashion accessories, footwear, jewelry, fragrance, make-up, and skincare products.

Before we’ve talked about a retail fashion brand, H&M on Facebook, but this time we’ll see how a luxury brand uses the platform. What can they do differently from others?

Dior operates from one main verified page, but it’s not a Global Brand Page. Dior seems to be uninterested in localization and focuses more on its globalness.



With more than 14.5 million fans, Dior’s Facebook Page has a fairly even fan distribution. Although Dior is a luxury brand, it has followers and fans worldwide.

Not surprisingly, Italy as the heart of fashion takes the lead here!


Covered with elegance!



Dior’s cover photos introduce their beautiful world to you. With the focus on luxury and aesthetics, the cover photo fits the brand perfectly.

Here, it wouldn’t be appropriate for Dior to use a slogan, as opposed to what we have been suggesting. That’s a reminder to filter and re-shape our tips according to your own brand!


What’s behind the brand?

As a brand which does not need too much promotion, what else is there for Dior to talk about? Let’s see!

One branch of their content is focused on celebrities. Glamorous, huh? In times of gatherings or awards, famous Dior dresses are worn by many celebrities. The page proudly presents them like a fashion show!

What can be a better approval for a brand than using celebrity styles?



Dior often posts backstage photos or behind-the-scene clips in order to unveil what’s behind this big brand and to show a more human side.

They also form their content around special events hosted by the brand and cool images of their new collections.

After all, the brand succeeds at giving us the “Dior feeling” in every part of the page!

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