Starbucks: The Instagram Account Run By The Fans

3 Dec 2014
Starbucks: The Instagram Account Run By The Fans

Starbucks is an American, global coffee giant with shops in more than 20.000 locations. Well, we don’t really care about those kinds of numbers for now. What matters for us is that Starbucks is one of the best brands using Instagram, following Nike.



Famous coffee brand has around 3.5 million followers on the platform. We’ll see which ideas we can borrow from Starbucks to strengthen our own use of Instagram!


Making The Most Out Of “Instagram Photography”

Starbucks prefers to send one update a day, and sometimes even more. Some of them are original, and some are reposts, which we’ll be explaining in a while. First, we’ll take look at how Starbucks creates and shares original content.

Starbucks is a brand that surely knows how to use the new technique of “Instagram Photography”. They create beautiful compositions to shoot their products and show them in a fun way. That’s one thing you can also do. All you need is a smart phone and some creativity!



The brand uses both custom and default hashtags. What do we mean by that?

In addition to the regular hashtags we all use like “#fall, #coffee, #love”, they use their own concepts. Posting one Mug each Monday with a hashtag of #MugMonday both makes it easier to create a plan and lets your followers to know the concept. Brilliant!

Starbucks aims to display that its product is more than coffee. It is a lifestyle, a lunch break or a reunion with your college buddies. By touching your emotions, Starbucks shows its culture and worldview on Instagram.



The brand also does not forget to be “useful” and adds recipes that can be made with Starbucks products from time to time.


Letting The Followers Run The Page

One of Starbucks’ highly appreciated Instagram techniques is focusing on “user-generated content”. The brand knows how to listen to their followers and more importantly, how to thank them. They do it by reposting their fans’ photos about Starbucks, which is a perfect idea!



They use the hashtag #Regram to define user-generated photos. Starbucks also takes one more step ahead and sometimes carry users’ photos on their Facebook covers. Isn’t it lovely?

Just like Nike, Starbucks knows about the platform very well, too. You know that nowadays it’s a “thing” to post the photo of the coffee you’re drinking. What Starbucks does is nothing much different than that!

They use the platform just like us -regular users- do. The brand shares photos with a similar composition like we all do! That may be the real trick, actually. Starbucks is one of us!

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