Bayer: Staying Useful on Facebook

1 Dec 2014
Bayer: Staying Useful on Facebook

Bayer is a German chemical and pharmaceutical company founded in 1863. For more than 150 years, the company has had many discoveries in its area and achieved many awards. If you wonder about how a pharmaceutical brand can use Facebook Pages, let’s see together.

Bayer operates from one single Global Brand Page. The brand attaches importance to localization, with several local pages linked to the main one. What we like most is how they switch profile pictures according to local pages.



Also, changing cover photos in many local languages welcome you to the page. That’s a smart and cute move!



With more than 1 million likes on its page, Bayer gathers fans around distinct places of the world. Although it’s a Europe-based company, the stats show how global the brand has become.


Explaining the culture in one image!


Bayer’s use of cover photos deserves appreciation. A beautiful photo, backed with a simple text creates a consistent page design.

Bayer manages to explain its culture and corporate mission with a beautifully balanced cover photo. Straight to the point!

As we’ve mentioned before, using specialized profiles picture as a variation of corporate logo is a clever idea.


Sharing the good with people!

Bayer’s updates are formed around usefulness and corporate culture. In both types of content, the company aims at “being good” and successfully implements it.

In the area of usefulness, Bayer provides science facts, quotes and health tips for the users. As a pharmaceutical company, Bayer knows what to post in order to be useful and gather the readers’ attention.



Bayer and its foundation also support many events and do not hesitate to share their social responsibility projects on social media. Through these kinds of posts, the brand displays its corporate culture and worldview.

All in all, Bayer provides a good example on how to promote your brand without selling stuff! They introduce themselves and show how likeable they are. Being good and useful can work for you too!

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