Nokia: Diversify The Content on Facebook

28 Nov 2014
Nokia: Diversify The Content on Facebook


Nokia is a Finland-based, multinational communications and information technology company. Conducting sales in more than 150 countries, the brand is still a global power, although Nokia seems to be falling behind the newcomers in mobile phone business.

Nokia’s preference of using Facebook Pages may tell us more about the brand’s position. The company chooses to operate from a single verified page, without caring much about localization.

The page is neither a Global Brand Page, nor uses targeting for different locations. Nokia posts its updates in one single mighty language, meaning English.



With almost 14 million fans, Nokia is one of the top 100 business pages on Facebook. Apart from India’s population in the list, fan base seems to be more or less evenly distributed. Although Nokia is a European brand, its own territory supports the company in lower levels.


Cool pics do not always make cool cover photo!


Time to see the elements building Nokia’s corporate Facebook Page. One of the core in the page design, is of course cover photo. Nokia’s preference here seems a little vague.

It’s a cool photo, okay, but what is it exactly?

We’ve always mentioned that cover photos should have something to say about the brand. We would recommend Nokia to add a simple text or a slogan somewhere on cover photo. That would explain much more.


Content From the Real Life

Nokia has a wide range of content types. It goes from social responsibility projects to new product launches. For example, the recent launch of Nokia’s tablet computer was announced on the page through a series of photos, videos and updates specific for that event.

Nokia prefers to use hashtags on Facebook, which is still not a common thing to do for business pages. By using the hashtag #thinkingahead, the brand makes it easier to search for related content on Facebook and creates a feeling of surprise.



When promoting its products, Nokia does not choose a boring way. Looking at the older posts, the brand displayed their products in action. Meaning, they didn’t post a simple photo of Lumia, but showed its use in real life with beautiful images.


Embrace the criticism!

At first sight, Nokia seems to be handling page moderation pretty well. Little blue ticks appear on the first comments of the posts. But, when we take a deeper look, things get a little blurry.



Nokia does not fail to appreciate the comments by its fans and responds with lovely “thank you”s. But, they are all positive comments.

It’s hard to see as much negative comments on the page, and even when we see them, they are often left unattended. Based on our observation, Nokia should embrace criticism and turn negative comments into advantage!

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