Oreo: The Funniest Way of Promotion on Twitter

26 Nov 2014
Oreo: The Funniest Way of Promotion on Twitter

Oreo is in fact a sandwich cookie, but may be more than that! It is the best selling cookie in the U.S., since its first introduction in 1912. Today, Oreo is a worldwide brand with many varieties and a slogan of “Wonderfilled”.

Oreo is also known with their right use of social media, especially through seasonal events like Super Bowl. Let’s see how Oreo uses Twitter “normally” and regularly.



Oreo has around 476.000 followers on Twitter and continues its growth with a quite fine pace. Apart from being a big brand, having sent 23.000 tweets in 4 years tells a lot. No matter how big you are, your social media success still depends on your effort!


“Wonderfilling” the Page



Oreo is one of the brands getting the essentials of Twitter. They sure know how to keep a profile picture and a header in harmony. If you also don’t want to fail designing your own Twitter Page, you should check the proper dimensions!

What we liked more about Oreo’s page building is how cool they are at writing the bio. You know, “bio” is the part where you talk about yourself or your brand within a short message. On this section, Oreo both introduces themselves as “your favorite cookie” -which is the fact- and displays its aim on social media. “To fill your timeline with wonder in 140 characters!”


Have Fun With Your Product

Oreo sure knows how to do it!

The tweets are based on fun and the product at the same time. Oreo uses the product, which is actually just a cookie, in a creative way. As a deeply loved flavor, Oreo makes the best out of a cookie in an extraordinary way and displays how a product can be shown in an absurd fashion!



Oreo also adds recipes that can be made by using the cookie. And these kind of content are the most shared ones, because they are both fun and useful!

As a brand using Vine quite often, Oreo does not forget to tweet about them, too.

Oreo does something we should in fact all be doing. They follow the trends and current jokes on the platform and keep up with them immediately, by inserting their own style.



The brand has well established their social media voice and does not hesitate to reply some comments within their unique style and tone. They are adorable!

What Oreo does overall, is to mix the product with fun and display the brand’s message in a creative way. That’s why Oreo is one of the best brands using the platform. If you want some fun, you can also follow them!

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