Vodafone: Questions Are Facebook’s Secret Weapon

24 Nov 2014
Vodafone: Questions Are Facebook's Secret Weapon


Vodafone is a British multinational telecommunications company. It is the world’s second largest one right after China Mobile. Vodafone operates in 21 countries and has partners in more than 40 extra regions.

Vodafone prefers to create independent local verified pages for each country and most of them seems quite good at numbers. Today we’ll be analyzing Vodafone Turkey, which has Vodafone’s most successful Facebook Page in Europe.



Vodafone Turkey has more than 2.2 million likes on its page and continues to grow with a high speed. Let’s look at the page closer and see why this is the case!


Carrying customers to the top!



Not with this one!

Current cover photo of Vodafone Turkey does not tell much by itself. We agree on that. What we liked more are the previous ones which can inspire us better.

Vodafone made use of funny life tips which are not directly linked to its products. They aimed at mixing fun with usefulness and created a series of cover photos. We think that’s a good idea, because sometimes updating your cover photo can also act as content. Shareable, likeable and commentable!

Another series created by the page was formed out of user-generated content. Vodafone carried the selected views of customers up into their cover photos. The series were around real customers’ reasons for choosing Vodafone.

That’s a good way to display the brand as “one of us”.


Questions are the king!

Vodafone is a brand managing the promotion – conversation balance quite well. Updates are centered around both the campaigns and engaging questions.

With one daily post, Vodafone either promotes its latest discounts and campaigns or asks the followers fun questions. They often keep the questions related to the brand.



For example, by asking the users about their traffic jam habits, they learn how people use mobile phones. They even make it easier and more tempting to answer by adding multiple choices. Smart!

Vodafone also doesn’t neglect to share their TV commercials and send updates about the events they sponsor or support.


Socializing the customer support!

Vodafone Turkey succeeds at changing the nature of customer care by mixing it with Facebook moderation. Sometimes it may be hard to reach help from call centers of telecommunications companies. Vodafone’s solution is using social media!

Page moderators try to be very quick about responding the comments. They are also careful about not leaving complaints unattended.



Similar to ING Bank, Vodafone also chooses to add moderators’ name into the comment. What’s better is also leaving the “corporate” language behind and using a more personal tone. Instead of saying “We’ll be helping you.”, they choose the strength of “I”.

Vodafone does a great job by giving the feeling of a “personal assistant” on Facebook!

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