Nestlé: Keep The Facebook Fans Busy With Puzzles

21 Nov 2014
Nestlé: Keep The Facebook Fans Busy With Puzzles

Nestlé is a Swiss food and beverage company. The multinational brand is the world’s largest food company. Such a big name requires big responsibility. How do they achieve the same success on social media? Let’s begin by checking their Facebook page!

Nestlé sure knows what to do. The company has one verified Global Page which redirects all local pages here. We should also add that Nestlé has some other pages with quite big numbers, too. They are specialized for the company’s products and created locally.

All of these show that Nestlé takes the social media business very serious and have already leveraged the platform!



With 6.9 million fans, Nestlé plays in the big league on Facebook. Although it’s a Switzerland-originated brand, most countries in top 10 are outside of Europe.

Let’s see the basic elements leading to the page’s success.


Touching every life!

Page-Design nestlé


Nestlé’s preferences in page design are often in favor of collages. The page’s cover photo has a story to tell us. We may think of it as a display of Nestlé’s entrance into every household in several countries.

Photos put together talk to us about social responsibility, family values and naturalness. Therefore, the emphasis may be on Nestlé’s presence and touch in every one of our lives.

Well, that’s our opinion. If you don’t agree, then there is a problem about the clarity of the message. Of course, a better organized series of images could have been used. This one obviously needs a little speculation and imagination!


Content is Nestlé’s king!

Apart from anything else, Nestlé definitely knows the content thing. By building a strategy based on the people and usefulness, the brand gives the followers what they need.

Nestlé provides the readers with nutrition and cooking tips -even recipes- and questions to start a conversation. Both useful and friendly!



Maybe the smartest thing Nestlé does on social media is to merge its products with quizzes and puzzles. Obviously both the brand and fans love them!

You may have been familiar with environmental issues between Nestlé and developing countries. It seems like page moderators are quite sensitive about that topic, too. In normal circumstances, Nestlé’s global page rarely enters into conversation. But here, they took a step in and defended themselves. Interesting!



All in all, Nestlé offers a colorful page which takes you into the conversation. It’s a reminder for us to have a smart content strategy before entering into the arena of social media, as well!

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