Stuck At Finding Cool Stuff to Share? Here Are 10 Websites For You!

21 Nov 2014
Stuck At Finding Cool Stuff to Share? Here Are 10 Websites For You!
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Sometimes we all feel stuck at finding fresh and fun content to share on social networks or creating blog posts. Modern men’s problems… Searching through your best friends’ timelines and following your news sources may not always be enough.

Don’t worry, you don’t always have to be the content-creator, curating works just as well. At this point, we have a solution for you. These 10 creative websites will inspire you to find cool stuff and make your day!

You’ll find several topics from interior design to celebrities, and catch up with current trends. We highly recommend you to bookmark them and check daily. You may prefer to use the images provided by them and add your own ideas, that would be even better.

Remember, you can do it, too!


1) BuzzFeed



BuzzFeed is the social news and entertainment platform. The famous website provides shareable news, original reporting, entertainment, and videos across the web to its global audience of more than 150 million.

With various categories, BuzzFeed is the place where you’ll find everything, including funny quizzes!

BuzzFeed will help you a lot in your process of content finding. Let us add that BuzzFeed has 8 editions specialized for different countries, for now. The website is updated many times a day, meaning you’ll click the refresh button often!

Website is backed by mobile apps for Android and iOS.


2) Bored Panda

bored panda


As the name suggests, Bored Panda is a cute website to inspire you every day. Other than editorial content, the team creates “Open List”s which let users submit their own photos. With a mix of user-generated content and cool news from the world, Bored Panda is one of our favorites.

Bored Panda is mostly driven by beautiful images. The topics they cover include several types of arts and design, advertising, travel, nature, science, history -and of course animals!

Visit Bored Panda for a daily dose of inspiration.


3) College Humor

college humor


College Humor is, in short, a place for funny videos, funny pictures and funny links. You can make use of its daily fun content, if that’s what your followers would like to see. If you stand in a more serious position on social media, we recommend you to try College Humor for personal use only!

College Humor is another website which lets the users upload their own content. You can be a member, and subscribe to the newsletter for a closer follow.


4) Sad and Useless

sad and useless

Don’t believe in the title, it’s totally useful. Especially if your content strategy is based on cute pictures and kittens!

Sad and Useless is a cool humor platform, with a simple design. You’ll notice that cats and dogs are quite welcome here. One bonus is that the website is totally safe for work. But, you wouldn’t realize how the time passes jumping through the pages!

5) ViralNova



ViralNova shares the trending stories on the Internet and has a huge fan base. The website’s Facebook Page has more than 2 million happy followers. With categories of Life, Science, Culture and Entertainment, ViralNova covers many things at the same place.

You’ll find interesting topics to write about and cool news to share on social media!


6) Fubiz


Fubiz is a 9-years-old French website, with the aim of being your daily dose of inspiration. The website is mainly based on arts and culture. Fubiz also goes beyond written content with its Fubiz TV and serves in video format.

It is possible for the readers to join Fubiz and submit content. The website works in two languages -French and English- to bring you the best pieces of creative culture. If you’re into these topics, you’ll find Fubiz pretty useful and shareable!


7) Where Cool Things Happen

where cool things happen


With its cool name, Where Cool Things Happen is a lovely travel and lifestyle inspiration platform. Their aim is to give us the “wow” feeling, with their posts. Where Cool Things Happen has over 600.000 unique visitors and 1.7 million impressions a month. Great numbers!

We guarantee that you’ll love the images and be addicted to list posts!


8) Joquz



Joquz can be seen as a rookie compared to others, for now. Founded in 2010, it is a daily updated blog about gifted people and ideas. You’ll find creative and inspiring links on art, design, photography and more.

Especially if you’re into any kind of design, Joquz will be your best friend. The website also makes space for advertisers and adds sponsored content into the feed.


9) DashBurst



DashBurst is in fact a creative digital media agency. By using their blogs in a smart way, they have created a cool platform, where you can find fresh and beautiful content. They act as an independent news source covering the latest news in technology, business, marketing, art, culture and design.

DashBurst displays a great example of how to use a business blog as a news and content source, where people can have fun and find shareable stuff!


10) My Modern Met

my modern met


My Modern Met is the big city where art enthusiasts and trendspotters connect over creative ideas. With monthly 5 million visitors, the website is a platform for amazing art, clever design and photography. If you are an art lover, My Modern Met will be your home page!


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