The Economist: Making The Most Out Of Google Plus

19 Nov 2014
The Economist: Making The Most Out Of Google Plus


The Economist is an England-based weekly newspaper, or more correctly a “news magazine”. First published in 1843, The Economist covers a wide range of global topics, including world news, politics, business, science, technology, books and the arts. It’s time to see how a news source can use social media, and especially Google Plus.

Before we’ve talked about the “underrated” social media platform Google Plus and how you can use it for your business. For that matter, The Economist provides us with a good example both by its page design and proper use of the platform.

Social Bakers


The Economist has currently more than 7.5 million followers on its Google Plus page, which is a great number. Their fan base also goes up with a high speed and surprisingly, the brand’s Google Plus fans almost doubles the ones on Facebook!

Let’s see why and how this is the case for The Economist.


Using Special Features

The Economist Page Design

Just by looking at the cover, you can admit that The Economist sure knows how to use that platform.

Now you know that Google Plus offers a much larger space on cover design. The brand also knows that they have a more cozy space on the cover and leverages it. They took the advantage and load the cover with a photo collage. Just in The Economist style, an effective collection of images is used to announce the upcoming “Hangout” event.

The cover tells us that the brand makes the most out of Google Plus, by using its “Hangouts” feature and even promoting that event on the cover photo. Double Google Plus Effect!


#Hashtags #Matter

If you recall, we’ve mentioned that using hashtags is one crucial thing to keep in mind. They are what makes you discoverable and visible to a much wider audience. The Economist, of course, knows their platform.

Although the content is simply extracted from The Economist’s website concerning the current news, hashtags are not neglected. Maybe you know that there are systems even automating the sharing of your blog posts or website entries into Google Plus. Whether this is the case or not, The Economist does not settle and adds hashtags based on the news they share.

The Economist Content

Content The Economist











What matters here is that The Economist does not ignore the platform and tries to use it as properly as they can. Since Google Plus can be seen an informative platform, it’s crucial to tag your posts so that people interested in that topic can reach you easily.

Thus, if you are a blogger, Google Plus should be your favorite thing!

By now, you probably know that one of the greatest advantages of using Google Plus is the benefit on your SEO performance. According to an article by SEJ, The Economist also uses the platform mainly to improve their SEO efforts!

Why not do the same thing for your brand?

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