Got Lost On Your LinkedIn Profile? Here Are 6 Steps To Find The Way Out!

19 Nov 2014
Got Lost On Your LinkedIn Profile? Here Are 6 Steps To Find The Way Out!

LinkedIn is the new way of business networking and introducing yourself to the world. It is the largest professional network on the Internet with around 350 million members in more than 200 countries.

In such a crowded place, it is quite natural to get lost. You may have signed up and couldn’t find your way on the platform. You don’t need to envy those cool LinkedIn profiles anymore!

Whether you are a starter on the platform or already a member and want to improve your profile, here are 6 easy steps to walk you through a perfect LinkedIn profile!


1) Headline is Your Showcase

Linkedin Profile


Your professional headline will be the display window on the platform. This is where other users will have an opinion about what you’re doing professionally. You may choose to add your work info as your headline, or create a new title that explains what you are all about.

Your industry appears below the headline and complements it. Adding the sector you’re working for is crucial to introduce yourself to fellow colleagues. Don’t skip it!


2) Show Your Experience

Linkedin Profile


We are sure that you would add your background info and previous work experience. Think of this section as your resume. Wouldn’t you prefer to add some more details?

Don’t hesitate to explain what you have done before professionally. A workplace and a title won’t tell about themselves too much. Simply type what you have done in that position, which projects you have joined and which responsibilities you have held.

Be careful, we don’t want you to brag too much!


3) Include Education Details

Linkedin Profile


It is obvious that education is an important part of modern day CVs. But again, they can’t talk about themselves. Tell us more, what have you done there?

Of course, you wouldn’t write something like “I have skipped classes, done quite a lot of free-riding…”

Just kidding. You may want to add some courses you have attended, include awards, honors, certificates, your GPA and more.

Don’t forget to add your free time activities, like school organizations and clubs. They are always cool things to show!


4) Display Your Skills

Linkedin Profile


That’s the coolest part. Time to tell more about yourself. Show the world your skills!

Try to be honest while listing your professional skills. They should be mainly about your industry and occupation. The numbers next to the skills mean that those people confirm that you have them! In LinkedIn terms, they “endorse” you, and your skills acquire a social proof.

The more your skills are endorsed, the more trustable you become on that skill.


5) Join Linkedin Groups

Linkedin Profile


LinkedIn groups are where people with similar ideas, occupations, interests or schools gather. For example, you may choose to join alumni groups to keep networking. Some special job openings might be displayed there and you’ll be privileged to see that as a member.

You may find it useful to join some groups about your working area in order to follow the trends and news much more easily. Groups are a good way to follow articles which may inspire you. Also, the reverse is true. If you are creating content on a subject or want to promote your business, you may share some of these things in your groups.


6) Follow Your Influencers

Linkedin Profile


Following influencers on LinkedIn will be a real time saver. Instead of following many personal blogs about successful people in your industry, you may choose to follow them on LinkedIn, in a similar fashion to Twitter and Facebook.

Following an influencer means that you’ll see their articles and updates on your home page, without having to jump in their profiles one by one. Think of it as a stream of blogs, curated in one place.

You can also add some News topics for the same goal. Follow the subjects you are interested in, and get the news quickly!

Bonus: If you want to check your LinkedIn profile’s strength, you can look at your right sidebar. LinkedIn will navigate you to achieve the All-Star status!

Linkedin Profile



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