Still Procrastinating Your Business Blog? Here Are 5 Reasons For Not To!

17 Nov 2014
Still Procrastinating Your Business Blog? Here Are 5 Reasons For Not To!
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Blogging is the new way of communication. Whether it’s a personal one about fashion, or a corporate one on architecture, your time and effort will be worth it. Blogging is a valuable and highly appreciated endeavor, with quite beneficial end results.

Maybe you’ve heard about some advantages of blogging for brands before. And never have paid enough attention? Maybe you think you don’t have any time for that kind of “free-time activity”. We are here to tell you the bad news this time. Unfortunately, business blogging is not a hobby!

We are sure that most of you have the idea of starting a blog in your mind. But thanks to the habit of procrastination, the time never comes! Just take a step, we know that you can do it.

Don’t worry, we wouldn’t overwhelm you with statistics. Here are 5 simple reasons of why you should immediately start your business blog. We’ll try to convince you!


1) It’s a long term solution

Never think of blogging as a short-term fix, or a temporary fad. That wouldn’t lead you anywhere! The key here is sustainability. When you have a plan, blogging will get so much easier.

At first, you may find it a little scary, especially if you’re not that into writing. Don’t panic, there are thousands of content out there to inspire you. Follow some blogs about your business, keep track of the news and trends. They are all out there on the Internet!

The only thing to keep in mind is to put blogging in order!

Start writing once a week, or even once a month. Increase your frequency slowly, and you’ll get better when you see the reactions!


2) Drives traffic into your website

Blogging is one of the smartest ways to attract visitors into your website and other online platforms. Just provide your readers with links directed into your website and social media accounts. The ones who enjoy your posts will definitely visit them too!

An increased traffic will also contribute to your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performance. In short, when someone asks a question to Google, the search engine will filter the articles with those keywords. And if you have written a blog post related to that question, you’ll be noticed by Google and enter into the results list. Better SEO for free, isn’t it great?

website traffic

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After people visit your blog, it’s your turn to direct them wherever you want. You can add some “call-to-actions” into your blog posts, by simply asking the readers to follow you on Twitter.

Blogging is the best start to connect your platforms!


3) Makes you an authority

Blogging is a perfect way to stand out in your industry. By displaying your wisdom and following the trends, you’ll start being the person who gives the advice!

Plus, demonstrating your knowledge about the work will make you a more trustable seller, client or a business partner.

When it’s done properly, blogging can make you the authority in your sector and strengthen your professional image. It gets even better. You can tell your own story, without being dependent on the press. That’s better PR, again for free!


4) Creates an audience

Okay, that won’t happen instantly. When you start blogging on a time basis, you’ll see that you’re making new friends and blogging is more fun with friends!

Your blog posts will obviously gather people interested in that topic around you. You’ll have the chance to attract potential clients and business partners, as we’ve mentioned before. At the same time, you’ll have the ability to create a community around your brand.


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You can try to connect with fellow bloggers and influencers in your sector. For example, quote a blog post you’ve liked and thank the author. Or just try some guest blogging. That’s how you can enhance the relations with other brands and fellow bloggers.

When it comes to promotion, you’ll find an audience already liking what you are writing about. You’ve already provided them with something valuable without waiting for anything in return! Now, you can insert some promotion about you or your brand. Of course, without overselling!


5) Gives your brand a personality

Brands need a face, and a voice. Your blog is the perfect place to raise your voice!

Since websites often remain in a more “corporate” fashion, your blog would be a great opportunity to balance your tone. Blogging is an easy way to personalize your online presence and connect with people.

Your blog should also be the place where customers or potential clients can interact with you easily. Try to respond all the comments, thank them for their time or embrace their criticism. Some of their reactions may even create new business ideas!

Your blog will be the arena of mutual interaction. While providing the readers with useful information, you’ll be able to gather insights directly from the people at the same time. Observe their reactions and take them seriously. We are sure that you’ll come up with brilliant ideas!

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