Still Thinking Google Plus Is Not Good For Businesses? You Are Wrong!

13 Nov 2014
Still Thinking Google Plus Is Not Good For Businesses? You Are Wrong!

We have recently talked about the basics of Google+ and started to get to know the platform. Now it’s time to see how you can use the platform for your brand. You may have been convinced that Google Plus will not bring you any good. Let’s forget about that for a while, and see how and why you should use the mighty platform for your business!

As a starter, we want to inform you that using a Google+ page and keeping it alive will help you with your SEO performance. Meaning, your website and Google+ page will rank higher in Google searches. That’s a major bonus!

Google+ is a place to keep up with your audience and get better engagement, as opposed to Facebook’s distracting nature and low levels of organic reach.

Let’s go through 5 steps together and learn how to use Google+ pages for your business.


1) Create Your Account

To start a Google+ business page, you need to have a personal account first. Since we have covered that on Snug Social before, we are sure that you’ll have no trouble!

Visit Google+ to create your business page and choose your business type to start with.

Google Plus


Choose a unique username for your page and never forget to include your webpage!

Google Plus


2) Customize Your Page

Just like personal accounts, Google+ allows pages to use a profile picture and a cover photo with recommended dimensions.

Google Plus Nike


It’s always better to use your logo as the profile picture and to choose a cover photo simple and representing your brand. Just like we do on Facebook, huh?

Add your story, provide some background information, give link to your website, connect your social media accounts. And you’re all set!


3) Connect With People

Here comes a big difference between Google+ and Facebook. Ready?

Google Plus Circles


On Google+, users will add you in their “Circles” and you can add them back!

Think of it as an activity of following. The good part is that when you add your people to your page’s connections, you’ll be able to see their updates. And even better, you’ll +1, share and comment on them!

That can be your key to engage with your followers. You can have a more friendly relation with your customers, potential fans and fellow colleagues.

Another good thing is that you can lift the user experience to a higher level. When you add people to your circles, you’ll be able to carry their complaints or negative feedback to a personal place: the user’s page. Also, you can thank them back or appreciate their time and effort by posting on their page, too.

That’s one thing you can’t do on Facebook. As you know, a Facebook page can only message a user, if the user has started a conversation via messaging.


4) Start Sharing

Again, content is the king. Google Plus gives you the option to post your updates with text, photos, links, videos, and even GIFs!

Google Plus Share


At this time, you are probably familiar with the fact that visuals get better attention and engagement on social networks. Google+ is no exception.

You should be asking questions, posting interesting quotes, funny pictures, pretty GIFs and more. Just pick what’s suitable for you and organize your editorial plan. Whatever you do, be sure to include images!

Google+ is a perfect place for you to share your blog posts. Provide post links with an attractive headline. Support it with images and hashtags and you’re good to go! At least you’ll have a head start on search engines.

As we have mentioned in our previous post, hashtags are the heart of Google+. You should definitely use them while updating your status or sharing your business-related content.

Similar to Facebook, you can tag people in your posts if you want to mention them.

Another good thing to keep in mind is that you can share updates special for a certain group of people: again, Circles. Just like your personal account, use your page to create circle lists and specialize your content easily for them.


Don’t forget to check your Insights, too!


5) Get Your Own URL

Google+ allows your page to have a special URL which will be your easily remembered and unique.

That would be:

Google Plus


In order to get your custom URL, you have to verify your webpage. At this point, you can have a little help from Google.


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