Socialize With Your Blogger Friends

6 Nov 2014
Socialize With Your Blogger Friends
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One of the best ways to promote your blog is by building a network around you and your fellow bloggers. If you still don’t have any friends, don’t panic! There’s a friendly environment out there.

Reaching other bloggers is a pretty easy way. And effective enough. Especially if you are specialized in the same area, they will be more than happy to meet you.

Remember; whatever changes Internet have brought us, we’re still in the world of “word-of-mouth”. If you want to get noticed and have a more crowded blog, you should make use of what your colleagues think about you.

Here’s a simple trick. Say, you’re writing a blog on digital marketing. For starters, search for digital marketing blogs like you on Google. Bookmark the ones you enjoyed. Check their blog posts if you can add anything or ask further questions. They will definitely appreciate your valuable time and effort to comment!



While commenting, try to insert a signature including your social media accounts and blog address. You’ll grab at least one person’s attention: the Author!

If you have blogged about a similar topic and believe that the author and other commenters can benefit, don’t hesitate to give link to your blog post. With such an easy trick, you’ll drive more traffic to your blog!

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