WhatsApp Achieved 600 Million Active Users

5 Nov 2014
WhatsApp Achieved 600 Million Active Users


A while ago, Facebook closed the deal with WhatsApp and bought “the” messaging app. Facebook’s Zuckerberg have aimed to connect 5 billion people in the next 5 years via the popular app. That may seem too much. But, as we observe WhatsApp is going there with firm steps.

WhatsApp’s founder Jan Koum recently announced that the messaging app hit 600 million monthly active users. In April, the number was 500 million. For around 4 months, that’s a pretty fast growth!


Looking at his tweet, he’s obviously well aware of the fact that registered numbers do not indicate active users. That’s a point where rival apps tend to discuss about and try to hit WhatsApp’s credibility. Nice move, Koum!

WhatsApp now is the most globally popular messaging app and it’s followed by WeChat and LINE. The latter ones may be more popular in Asia, but WhatsApp is a big one in Europe.


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