Rumor Has It: New Google Messaging App

5 Nov 2014
Rumor Has It: New Google Messaging App
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According to the article on India’s Economic Times, Google plans to launch a mobile messaging application as a rival to WhatsApp, WeChat and LINE. The article claims that the company will test its new app on the country in 2015.
“Why not make Hangouts any better?”

Because the new app will not require your Google account!

You probably know that all Google services need you to login via a Google account. Some feel quite uncomfortable with that and obviously have trust issues with the company.

Google’s move to make its own free mobile messaging app can be seen as a reaction to WhatsApp’s acquisition by Facebook. It’s a fact that WhatsApp will probably get stronger and better with the help of Zuckerberg.

Still, there is no confirmation from Google. Let’s just wait and see!

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