Nike: The Best Brand on Instagram

5 Nov 2014
Nike: The Best Brand on Instagram

Nike is an American global company specialized on footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and services. Today, it’s one of the love brands, with millions of fans worldwide. With an appealing slogan like “Just Do It”, Nike also puts great emphasis on social media. Today, we’ll see how Nike uses Instagram and what we can get from them.



According to Totems’ list, Nike is the best brand using Instagram. The famous brand has around 8.3 million followers and gathers large attention with its hashtags.


Just Instagram It!

Nike is a great example for the understanding of “Less is more”. They don’t fill their account with garbage just to be posting, for the sake of posting. They continue their strategy with a more spontaneous frequency, around 3-4 updates a week. It seems more than enough, looking at the quality of their photos.

They often posts photos with their slogan as hashtag: #justdoit.

Nike makes use of beautiful photos from various corners of the world, with a simple, motivational description. They choose to motivate the followers under the culture of “Just Do It”.

Content nike


The best part is that Nike never pushes branded photos or their products into followers. All photos embrace daily life and the products are displayed in a context; meaning, the real life.

Nike does not tell people to use their products directly, but offers them a lifestyle which is associated with the brand. The “Just Do It” style is visualized in order to show how beautiful it is indeed.


Understanding The Essentials

Nike is a brand that understands the nature of Instagram perfectly well. They know their platform and that’s their greatest advantage.

Putting people in the front, and focusing on “human factor” is what we love the most about the brand. They know that Instagram is a place where we see many human faces everyday. Why not do the same thing for a brand?



Although Nike is at the top of Instagram, they never give up! Following their successful line, they constantly send updates and stay in touch with their fans. They don’t brag, they just do it!

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