Guarantee People to See Your Facebook Posts

5 Nov 2014
Guarantee People to See Your Facebook Posts
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We’ll give you a secret! We know how to make sure people to see each and every post that you share. Without the ads, without any money.

When someone likes a Facebook page, they would like to follow their posts, promotions and more stuff, right? Thanks to Facebook’s news feed algorithm, they can see only around 15% of page updates.

Because of the decline in Facebook’s reach for pages, many choose the path of the Ads. If you do not have such an option, or do not want to spend any money on Facebook Ads, you should give our way a try.

The only way for your fans to see all your Facebook posts is through the magical button of “Get Notifications”.

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After liking a page, people have the option to be notified to follow every content shared by the page. It works just like personal notifications.

You may want to ask your fans to turn on that setting for you and here you go!

That will help you with reaching your current fans better as a starter. When they see it, they’ll engage. When they engage, more people will see it. And so on. One lovely cycle!

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