Facebook Allows You to Add Stickers on Comments

5 Nov 2014
Facebook Allows You to Add Stickers on Comments
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Facebook continues to make our lives more interesting! The social networking platform now adds the feature to insert cute stickers to comments.

Facebook stickers are available for comments on Timeline, Groups and Events.

Before, they have been available in messaging through the platform. It has been possible to customize the stickers by adding more from the store inside the chat box.

Facebook have been preparing stickers as grouped according to themes and adding extra items seasonally. (Updated with new movie releases, Gay Pride and more…)



Just tap the smiley face icon in the bottom-right of any comment field to pick a sticker to send. So, you can comment on various posts in a funnier way than before. Also, express more nuanced reactions with a click!



From Facebook’s Baldwin: Comments has been one of my favorite parts of Facebook to hack on. This was my third hackathon project to add richer content to comments: first was emoji (May 2013), then photos (June 2013), and now stickers.

For now, all stickers on Facebook are free. But, we don’t expect that to stay for long. In the future, Facebook may activate branded stickers and add the ability to purchase them in-app.


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