Mobile Dating App Tinder Adds Premium Service

4 Nov 2014
Mobile Dating App Tinder Adds Premium Service


Founded 2 years ago, Tinder is “the” mobile dating app today. It has been the free way to meet people and the most modern match-maker.

The company now wants to transform millions of daily matches into millions of dollars!

Tinder’s CEO Sean Rad announced that the dating star will soon add a revenue model into its agenda. Premium features of the app are expected to be launched in November.

But don’t worry! There will be no changes in the current, free Tinder app. Premium users would have extra match-making powers.



New features are claimed to include a wider geographical reach and a surprising shift to something more “travel-related”.

It is assumed that Tinder hosts more than 15 million matches every day. That’s a big number. Especially for a 2-years-old platform. It’s quite normal for the company to aim making some money out of that.

We’ll see how Tinder will maintain its growth, keep users pleased and start making money.


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