Get More Comments on Your Blog

4 Nov 2014
Get More Comments on Your Blog


Blog engagement is what would make you famous! When you become more talkable, you’ll see that your traffic will increase rapidly.

More comments or questions on your blog posts would help you to look more like a pro, and it would create some kind of trust for your new visitors. They’ll see that you’re getting some kind of attention and more importantly reaction!

To increase your blog engagement, you should be using certain words or “call-to-action” as marketers would prefer. Don’t hesitate to ask your visitors to take some actions. You should encourage further discussion by asking the readers to share their views or add comments at the end of your blog post.

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You may also use want to promote your social media accounts, by a simple trick like “Check out my Twitter Page for more!”. Try it today, make it a habit!

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