Need A Head Start on Facebook Pages? Walk Through These 5 Steps!

3 Nov 2014
Need A Head Start on Facebook Pages? Walk Through These 5 Steps!

Not quite a long time ago, in a college not very far away…

When Facebook was launched in 2004, most of us would not imagine that a new way of life has been introduced to us all by Mr. Zuckerberg. From an initiative merely focused on connecting the students, a new star has been born!

It goes without saying that Facebook is the new way of communication with friends, family and of course, with brands. These days, it’s not solely about your product or service, it’s about how you “Facebook” it!

As a starter you may look at the wide range of so-called-experts and freak out about how to use Facebook Pages. There is no need. Just ease the game, and you’ll have more time to play it!

Come on, we’ve got 5 simple tricks for you.

1. Know Your Platform

After 10 years and 1.32 billion monthly active users, Facebook also managed to change the way we advertise and simply how we talk about ourselves. In the bright era of Facebook, it’s your turn to leverage the platform for your business.

But what’s in it for you? Let’s see.

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Starting as the American Dream of Social Media, now Facebook’s daily active users are %81.7 outside the U.S and Canada. Quite a world, huh?

As a pretty gender-balanced platform, Facebook can claim to be for everyone. Within this entire crowd, your potential customers or followers are definitely there. We guarantee you.

Data don’t lie! 30 million businesses now have a Facebook Fan Page. And that’s not just to show off and tell the world they have so many followers. Facebook for Business would help you to create your loyal customer base, increase the traffic of your website of blog, and let the world know who you really are.

Imagine 829 million people gathering at the same place everyday. And, you’re still not there?


2. Have a Clean Page Design

We are sure that you would provide your contact info and company description on your Facebook Page. No need to talk about that. But, what should you do with your page design?


facebook pages


To summarize it in advance: Keep it clean and simple! Designers warn you to remove the visual noise from your cover photo and accordingly, profile picture.

Since the Like button overlays the cover photo, it may be difficult for visitors to spot if your cover photo contains a lot of visuals. You may even try to use arrows or a directional design that point to the Like button. Don’t strangle your visuals with long texts. Again, keep it clean.

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a Facebook page by one. Anyone will tell you that without a cover photo, your Facebook account will look naked and unprofessional. Although a company profile picture is a representation of your business side, your cover photo is a way for you to express the personality of your company. Don’t forget to make all your social designs consistent!

Also, note the sizes: 851 px x 315 px cover photo, 180 px x 180 px profile picture.


3. Introduce Yourself

Everything you post on Facebook is content. You may think of it as “the story you want to tell the world”. Of course, you don’t have to be boring or simply like anyone else. Be authentic, be creative, and don’t be afraid to have a little fun!

Regardless of your products or services, let the people see your human side. Because, that’s what you are, right?

Quick tip: Images are incredibly effective on Facebook. We heard that posts with photos get, on average, 39% more engagement! Use photos, videos and links for higher engagement which will be the key for your social success!


facebook pages


When you want to post an article but don’t want to clutter your Facebook post with a long webpage link, you can use to shorten the link and lead users directly to the article. Never forget to measure what you have done. You may want to check the webpage of to find further info.


4. Focus on Engagement

Before moving on, let us tell you that THIS is your key! Engagement is all we talk about day and night.

Engagement indicates interactions beyond just simply views. Facebook defines engagement as including all clicks, not only comments, likes and shares. Simply, it tells whether people enjoy your page or not!

It really depends on how compelling your post is and how it affects your target audience. Posts with highly engaged users are more likely to make a stand. Engagement on a post means the user is interested in you and willing to communicate with your product or article.


facebook pages


The more people engage with your posts and create stories, the more likely the post will appear in your consumer’s newsfeed and be viewed by their friends as well. That’s why you should focus on it as your key indicator, if you want to measure your social success.


5. Use the Insights

That’s the business part. But don’t worry, Facebook makes it quite easy for you. As an admin, just click on the Insights tab of your Page. Checking Facebook Insights will help you give your fans what they want. For example, if you notice that the posts with images have better engagement than those that are text only, try focusing on them.


facebook pages


Facebook Insights provide valuable information about the actions of your fans that can enhance your Facebook presence. How many new likes did you get? Who are they? Which posts performed better? How many people saw it, or liked it? And so on. All you need is to check it on a routine and improve yourself for better and more accurate results.

Ready to take off?

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